In The Middle Of Nowhere

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Xin Nian Kuai Le

Have a prosperous Chinese new year


Well in this sheep year (actually i dont believe at any horoscope and fortune-teller but its ok just for fun) lets combine the prediction or any forecast for my luck that i will got in this year.

Well this year begins with a mumbo-jumbo swing mood circumstances, dramatic people who throw out any unimportant-stupid things that if i didnt take any action to those thing, i will fall deeply into the wave of misadventure. But maybe they are almost successful drivin me to that area and still on progress to drown me there. I dont know, I’m not sure, but  I think that there is also a greater chance to a new great adventure life than before, this uncertainity between the fall of mine and the prosperous mine are concluded as I’m on the middle of nowhere.


Sunda Kelapa Harbour

Still dont know, still dont have idea what will happened next. But i’m pretty sure that everything will goes bright in 1-2 month soon, it makes the “predictable” section on my previous post become a clarity. I didnt always rely or even read anything about the horoscope, but for this time lets combine the chinese zodiak with my real-life (or subjective imaginary) prediction. A lot of source saying that this is the year of career, new business, friends and family.

It is not so hard to accepting that this would going be true, I have a career challenge ahead, to be onboarded with the global team, to be raised to a higher benefits, or simply have a new great experience to write on my resume to continue to get a nice career outside my existing firm that i worked in, it is possible also that i continue to pick a career abroad, my position now make it possible for doing that but not in the short period of time, i also should be aware with my lovely slogan : Vi Vere Pericoloso as there is a deep down cliff on my left or right side, I also could fall in the lowest point of my life if I’m not be careful with this situation.

Beside a career, this is the first time I’m in a full gut for opening new business, yes it is, combine it with the other forecast, I saw a lot of sayin and opportunity there.

Last, I wish this in the middle of nowhere phase would end up soon, I thought it would end up in next month. See ya in my next post :)

Sorry for my messed up english.

-MF 2015-


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